Cobalt Core is a project that started in 2003 from the mind of Jeremy Lee, and tapping the creative talents of Robert Snyder, Jon Hadley, Bob Macko, and recently Michael Mays. In 2006, Cobalt Core released their first single for their song “Anymore”, a song that saw some success on dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2008, Cobalt Core released their first album, “Windowcut”, which included a unique mix of flowing synths and vocals, along with hard edged guitars played by Bob Macko. Over the next few years, Cobalt Core has done a lot of local Chicago area shows, opening for bands like Assemblage 23, Ego Likeness, and many others. Now, as the end of 2013 approaches, after a few lineup changes and a long hiatus, Cobalt Core is finally back in the studio, creating their second album, “The Coming Storm”, which should see release during 2014.

We are currently reworking this web site, to coincide with the release of “The Coming Storm”.

In the mean time, feel free to visit us via Facebook at